Dealing with Dysfunction

I love this quote because it is so true.

How many times a day, week, or month do you say to yourself something like . . . “once I get things in order, I’ll start working on my book?” Or, “I just need to get through X, then I can work on my blog.” Or one of my personal favorites, “once I get this piece perfect, then I will share it with…”—whether it’s a blog post, a short story, a novel, or even an email to a friend.

Perfection is elusive, so why do we always try to capture it? Because it allows us to procrastinate living our purpose. We feel a need to have everything in order before we start to dream and create—to be who we really are instead of what we think the world wants us to be; the perfect wife, husband, mother, employee, employer. So how do we stop this cycle?

We can realize that we are only one step away from dealing with dysfunction, so lean into that premise. Work with what you have—don’t try to make things perfect before you jump into the moment, because the moment will slip away like a leaf floating downstream, out of reach. Start living your passion—whatever that is. Be in the moment, and appreciate what you have and what you are, today. Open your mind, your heart, and your soul to what God or the Universe is trying to give you. And most importantly, give thanks for your imperfections, your crazy busy life, and for that dysfunction right around the corner that makes you human.

Be who you are today.





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