Writing Unblocked – Writing A Book with Emotional Freedom

This 7-week online course starts Saturday, September 2, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST at The Aroma Freedom Academy

Description: This 7-week course, utilizing the power of Young Living Essential Oils, is designed to help you navigate the emotional waters of starting and finishing the book you’ve always wanted to write! Each week we will have a lesson and discussion on the different elements of putting a book together. We will also have AFT sessions centered around those topics, and homework sessions that will keep you focused on and engaged in your incredible journey to finishing your book.

General Topics will include:

Delving into the questions of WHY and WHAT you want to write and finding the genre best suited to your personality and message.

Confronting and dealing with the fear of getting the word on the page, judgement, and critique from others.

Creating time and place for writing.

Creativity exercises.

Defining the elements of story.

Building a table of contents, elevator pitch, and synopsis.

We will also be working with individual issues that come up for participants during the course process.

This course will be offered in June of 2017 at The Aroma Freedom Academy  starting Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST.

Price $74.00 per person.

This course is also offered as a 3-day intensive workshop for organizations, writer’s clubs, and writers conferences and workshops. 5-person minimum.

Price: $42.00 per person. For groups with more than 10 participants $32.00 per person

Travel expenses not included in price.

For more information on this course and/or Young Living Essential Oils, contact Kari at

Writing Unblocked – Finding the Story-Teller Within (TBD)

3-day intensive fiction workshop with topics including:

Finding your passion in fiction – What do you want to write?

Themes in writing – Themes in literature and themes you live by.

Characterization – Making the characters in your head jump out onto the page.

Plotting – The arc of story.

Writing Unblocked – Finding the Messenger Within (TBD)

3-day intensive non-fiction workshop with topics including:

Finding your passion – What do you want to write? Non-fiction genres.

Themes – Themes for non-fiction how-to books, guides, personal journey, etc.

Organization – How to organize your book from beginning to end.

Book Proposal – Elements of creating a book proposal.